20um Heat Sealing Foil - colour code GREEN


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SKU: ITL-V901002
Brand:Vitl Life Science Solutions

20um Heat Sealing Foil - colour code GREEN

Colour code - GREEN. A pierceable foil seal with easy sealing surface identification
and high solvent resistance including DMSO. The film is non-peelable,
pierceable and re-sealing is permissible.

  • 100 Sheets
  • 125mm x 78mm
  • Temperature range:

Temperature range -20o
C to 120o
20μm Heat Sealing Foil Temperature and Dwell Time: 175o
C, 2 seconds
Recommended sealing Equipment: VTS, Micro TS

Store in a cool place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
It is recommended to use the seals within three years from date of purchase.