Affaldspose, autoklaverbar 300x500x0.05mm PP 10L

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SKU: GR-643201
Brand:Greiner Bio-One

Polypropylene Disposal Bags

Disposal bag, 300 x 500 mm


  • Ideal for the hygienic disposal of contaminated laboratory items
  • Made of polypropylene foil for sterilisation in the steam autoclave
  • Oxygen transport rate of 50 µm PP foil (+23°C): 2380 cm³/(m² x 24h x bar)
  • Water vapour transport rate of 50 µm PP foil (+23°C, 85% air humidity): 1.54 g/(m² x 24h)
  • Available on request with imprint "Biohazard" if a sufficient number is ordered
  • Length: 500 mm; width: 300 mm
  • Foil thickness: 0.05 mm
  • Nominal capacity: 10 l


Quantity per case: 500