CELLview slides 75/25 glass bottom, 10 comp. TC


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Brand:Greiner Bio-One

For the Cultivation, Staining and Microscopy of Cells

CELLview™ slide consists of a transparent slide with a cover glass embedded in its bottom and a black compartmentalisation
reversibly attached onto its surface. Thus, the slide is divided into 10 round wells with the diameter and
pitch of these wells matching the layout of a standard microtiter plate. By this means, the slide allows for maximum
ease of use, for example in combination with standard multi-channel pipettors known from routine work with multiwell
plates. Furthermore, the round well design helps to reduce meniscus effects for optimum results in cell culture and
microscopic analysis.
CELLview™ slide is excellently suited for all applications requiring cell culture with subsequent cell stimulation and/or
immunocytochemical and microscopic analysis. The embedded cover glass of CELLview™ slide guarantees for an
absolutely even focal plane which is prerequisite to high-speed and high-resolution microscopy. Furthermore, the black
compartmentalisation reduces cross talk between adjacent wells during fluorescence microscopy and the optical glass
with virtually no autofluorescence allows for maximum spectral transmission without depolarisation of transmitted light.
CELLview™ slide has been developed to meet the requirements of state-of-the-art microscopic analyses, such
as: Phase Contrast Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy (CLSM/LSCM), Video-Enhanced
Microscopy, Live Cell Imaging, High Resolution Microscopy, Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy, Polarised
Light Microscopy, Time Lapsed Microscopy, Fluorescence-In-Situ-Hybridisation (FISH) and many others.

  • 10 wells with alphanumeric coding
  • Positioning notch for automated microscopy
  • Detachable compartmentalisation
  • Reduced meniscus effect due to round conical
  • well design
  • Well distance is equal to a 96 well microtiter
  • plate
  • Highly transparent achromatic borosilicate
  • glass, hydrolytic class 1
  • L × W × H [mm]: 75 x 25 x 12.6
  • Glass thickness: 145 µm ± 15 µm